I enjoy techology, people, and some aspects of philosophy…

Things I’ve done and am doing:

Designed, built, and operated automated machinery including Pneumatics, process control, and Spot-welding (examples, automatic wire bucket-handle machine, semi-automated concrete reinforcing production machine including process control, modified spot-welder, wire straightening, automated stacking, counting…

Electronics design & manufacture – various projects including hand-marked automatic card reader used for computer programming input, and automated telephone dialler (old switched analog telephone network, used proprietary microprocessor-programmed phase shift signalling, included NZPO type approval, PCB layout, Assembler code development, and production management –  this invlolved real-time digital signalling over analog phone lines), various interface cards for Apple II including 800k disk drive controller, ink-jet printer interface, digital camera interface.

Computer program development – WebRTC/Javascript auction management system in WordPress, Job-tracking for Apple II, and a number of POC code prototypes in various languages

Video Filming & Production – “One-man-band” camera/autocue/sound/lights setup and filming, Video editing including multi-track, Chromakey, titles, effects, colour grading. Developed processes for end-to-end video production using iPhone only.

Training & Coaching – Gained Graduate Diploma in Computer-Based Learning, Developed course for iPhone video production, converted over 20 different commercial video-based business training programs to on-line web-based interactive learning using a “symptoms-directed content” approach according to a Learner-directed Constructivist Model

Presentation Training – Assisted Dale Carnegie deliver their High Impact Presentation Training courses for a number of years by developing and operating a just-in-time video record of presenter’s progress and contributing to delivery of the course with camera presentation aspects

Currently – employed as CTO at Bestseat 360 Ltd, which is fascinating and leverages all of my previous knowledge, experience, work record, and aspirations. This is an exciting journey!