Video doesn’t have to be difficult…

iPhone imageVideo Training

Want to make your own videos? I’ll train you so you can use your iPhone or video camera – you’ll be able to make your own videos without being at the mercy of someone else’s timeline. Here’s an example of what you could produce.


Tomfit YouTubeWeb Marketing Video

Don’t know how to get videos on your website, how to use your YouTube channel effectively, how to protect your videos if they have commercial value, or how run a video webinar? Help is only a call or email away!


I can put you anywhere…GreenScreen

You could be in Tahiti or Paris without leaving the studio Click here to see an example.



IMG_1811Presentation Training

Not happy with how you come across on camera? With simple, effective coaching I can help you achieve a professional presence.



Video EditingEditing Screen

Bring your videos to life! I’ll edit them with photos, titles, graphics, overlays, animation, background music, and more – telling a visual story to draw your viewers in, engaging them to convert views to subscriptions, follows, and leads. Alternately, I’ll train you to do your own editing and introduce you to the secrets of effective online video communication.