1995 America’s Cup CD

This was the first major project that I not only had production responsibility for, but was also the lead programmer, team leader, and digital video designer.

A team of four, with Craig Meek (MD of Terabyte Interactive Ltd) – Simon Dickey (Visual Designer), Steve Taylor (Graphic Processing), Stu McKlusky (Production Assistant), and myself, created the interactive in MacroMedia Director v 4.0 in just over two months on-site in San Diego.

Housed in the media centre, we had 5 continuous live video feeds from commentators and on-water cameras plus the audio of daily press interviews and conferences. We selected appropriate footage and audio, edited, compressed and added the daily snippets to the CD rom until the racing finished. It took two more weeks to finally get acceptance from user and technical testing, working through the numerous bugs that MacroMedia Director v 4.0 had, particularly relating to digital video aka ‘Quicktime(tm) video’ (at the time).

Personally, I worked between 18 and 20 hours every day (no weekends off, apart from one party and one day-trip in a open-top sports car to the mountains) for the duration, and while it was exhausting, it was also very rewarding to be part of the history of this fantastic event where Peter Blake and his team brought the Cup home to New Zealand!