Keno RealTime TV Draw

Another Terabyte Interactive Project which delivered the live Keno draw from Lotteries to TVNZ every day for broadcast every evening on TV1.

Scott Judson was the very capable lead programmer for this one, I was the Digital Video System Architect. The project took a feed from the Lotteries Keno Draw computer and formatted it with style and graphics etc, then output as video to broadcast standards using a Radius Telecast system. The signal was sent live via fibre-optic link from Wellington Lotteries to Auckland TVNZ for live broadcast every evening at 7:00 p.m.

It was run via 3 Mac systems – two with Radius Telecast systems operated in a simulcast mode – the live feed was selected by the third Mac which was the watchdog, so that if Mac#1 failed it would switch the live feed to Mac#2 instantly and alert support staff (me) at Terabyte.