I’ve spent a lot of time researching how to use Green Screen with Digital Video cameras to produce the “web presenter” style of video – you know, where a person ‘floats’ over the top of your web page, instantly attracting the viewer’s attention, giving you the opportunity to tell your message in a personal way, and engage the viewer.

I set up the Green Screen including lighting and selection of High Definition Digital Video Camera to achieve high quality, then designed and refined the processing steps to deliver consistent keying to exacting ‘clean-edge’ requirements for this type of web video.

I worked with John de Vere, an accomplished videographer, who has an ideal location for the setup of the studio – it’s quiet, has a high ceiling and enough space for professional lighting, sound, autocue, and High-Definition SONY EX-3 camera. John has since retired and let his website lapse.

This particular type of video relies on Flash, which has over the last couple of years been on the decline and is not supported by iPhone or iPad. The main use these days (for example) is for desktop-based website application training.